Digital art

art sales

Digital, the new market for art sales

Because of the unusual conditions of the previous year, the internet art industry is finally growing. To fully reap the merits of the format, auction houses and galleries must expand…

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accessoires de réalité virtuelle

Where to buy Virtual Reality Accessories Online?

The VR accessory is a real technology that creates an artificial environment in the user’s mind, and the sensory experience feels very real. They are used with headphones and hand…

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Référencement payant

Online business: reasons to use google adwords

Using the right set of skills and the right expertise, running an online business can be one of the most profitable routes to take for people who are looking to…

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The golden age of digital art

The term digital art is more than ever present in our daily lives. It imposes itself in the festivals, in the centers of art, in the galleries, in the press,…

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Digital art is an artistic work that uses digital technology

What is digital art? Such a hard question! A simple answer would be “It is an artistic creation through computers, that is, in binary form. In other words, a simple…

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