Digital art and innovation

Discover the digital world and the non ending number of aspects

Digital art and nature


Digital art

It is not easy to write about digital art. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it’s a recent art.

A modern art

Digital art refers to the artistic activity that uses digital language in different forms.

A great tool

A great tool!

How to use these technologies in art: communication media, tools, supports, devices ?

Green environment for the humanity

Protecting the environment means protecting the future of mankind

We are talking more and more about the protection of the environment. How are we concerned ? What impact does this have on our daily lives ?

Protecting the environment means preserving the survival of humanity. The environment is our source of food and water. Air is our source of oxygen.

The climate allows our survival. And biodiversity is a potential reservoir of medicines. Preserving the environment is therefore a matter of survival.

Green energy

To deal positivily to energy and climate issues, we need to change the way we produce electricity, heat, cool and hot water. The sun’s rays, the strength of the wind, the heat of the earth and the use of organic materials are endless sources of energy and have low pollution levels. Technologies are now reliable and investments are profitable. Welcome to the era of green energy !

Green energy

Green energy represents the various energy production systems that emit very little or no greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also called “clean” energy and uses renewable energy sources, wich means that they recover faster than they are used.

Green energy

Because it is more efficient than traditional installations, cogeneration also produces green energy. But it can only be considered renewable if the fuel used is itself renewable, such as rapeseed oil or biogas. Read our research on the matter.

Green energy

Before thinking of producing one’s own green energy, it is better to start with a rational use of energy (ERU) : it is by far the best investment ! Regulated heating, adapted behaviors, efficient insulation, low consumption appliances…

Investing : a choice for the future

Investing in a system of green energy production is a triple winner : far less expensive to use than fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas), it considerably limits the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.

It also helps to be less energy dependent, in a context where fossil fuels are becoming scarce. Solar photovoltaic panels, solar water heaters, heat pumps, cogeneration and other technological solutions are very efficient to produce electricity, to have hot water and to heat or cool a building from clean sources of energy.


Art in nature

The beauty of art in the nature

Conception, creation, realization and maintenance…Our epigraph is a commitment : to protect, respect and live the aesthetics of nature. The “knowledge” of nature is the foundation of the art of living. The reputation and success of Arts & Nature lies among other things in the training, commitment and qualification of specialized people. Landscape architects specialize in the analysis of existing gardens and the development of new projects.

The artistic environmental action is a field that we rediscovered in recent years with the emergence of more and more urgent protection of nature and ecosystems. Shaman offers two actions in this area :

– an internship that allows to approach existing initiatives today in an operational manner and to have a critical reading of this very diverse field of cultural intervention.

– a conference-exhibition, which raises the question of the contribution of art and culture to the protection of the environment.